Offsite Backup Services

Data backup can make or break your technology solutions. At the end of the day, electronic equipment fails, people hit the wrong key, and unforeseen catastrophic events, like fires and tornadoes, happen.

Depending on the source 70 to 80% of business that experience a major disaster or data loss never recover, and may cease operations in 12-24 months. Many of those never even get back up and running after the event. Of those that do survive, a majority have planned for the event before it happened. Part of this planning should include how and where your data is backed up.

The next step would be how you are going to retrieve it and restore your systems. With CTS on-site and remote backup solutions, you can get the best of both worlds. With our on-site appliance you get the easy recovery of that lost file or email You also have the ability to completely restore a server onto our appliance in the event of equipment failure.

On top of the security that an on-site appliance provides, your data is replicated to our storage cloud that we own and maintain. Many other solutions use third party clouds, and you never really know where your data is located. Once your data is replicated to our cloud, you can restore your entire backup to our cloud providing you with that site continuity that is typically very expensive and difficult to implement.

This restore can typically happen within a matter of hours dependent upon the volume of data. With our solution we take the recovery time from days or weeks to a matter of hours giving you that fighting chance of survival. Contact us today to put yourself in the 20-30% that can survive.

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