Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? How can it work for my business? What is the best way to transition my business to the cloud? These are all questions that business owners and IT professionals alike are asking about the cloud. Cloud computing can have many different definitions to each person and business.

Cloud Computing can begin with something as simple as hosting your email. The key factor in this is that your company no longer has to worry about maintaining that email system that end users can’t live without. Instead you can now take advantage of someone else’s investment and skills to provide your end users with that critical service. You have now shifted the risk of running your email system to someone else.

You can shift this risk with any number of services that your IT infrastructure currently provides including, but not limited to, email. database access, file storage, Intranet, and now your desktop.

CTS can deliver your entire desktop and server experience via the Cloud. Access your system from your phone, tablet, netbook, or thin client. By utilizing the cloud to deliver your organization’s desktops and servers, you gain an unparalleled amount of flexibility.

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