Complete Technology Solutions (CTS) specializes in planning, installing, maintaining, and protecting your business network from the ground to the cloud. Our mission is to provide you an enterprise-grade experience with a personal touch, from “start to complete.” Are you ready to take your IT to the next level? When you choose CTS we make IT happen.

We have over 25+ years combined experience managing IT infrastructure environments. With our capabilities, Complete Technology Solutions will free your time at a fraction of the cost for full-time staff. Whether it’s corporate, medical, legal, a one-person shop, or a non-profit organization, CTS has you covered with extraordinary insight for real world solutions that affect the smooth operation of your business.

"I appreciate the high service level that we've experienced from the CTS team. Not only were they extremely responsive, but their staff is very educated and knowledgeable.  They have been a valuable resource for our organization.”

> Justin Farris, Vice President - Birge & Held Asset Management